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All Natural Ingredients • Gluten-Free • Kick Your Flavor Up A Notch

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Greg G. –Viands River Seasoning is great for beef, chicken, pork, and if you like a kick give the Cajun seasoning a shot.  Both have awesome flavor.  Great people to deal with and they stand behind their product.  Definitely thumbs up for me!

Billy K. – I won 1st place in a gumbo cook off over in Oregon a few years back.  Even got the recipe from the owner.  This stuff has been my “go to” for a long time.  I start to panic when I’m running low…

Steven G. – My friends and family think I’m a top-notch chef thanks to my secret ingredient in just about everything.  Not sure if that’s good or bad but just don’t stop making it!

River Season Cajun Seasoning Blend is the secret shot of bold flavor that tastes great on everything.

Award-Winning cajun seasoning Made for:

  • Grill Kings
  • Pit Masters
  • Professional Chefs
  • Aspiring Chefs
  • Cooking Rockstars
  • Kitchen Bosses
  • Anyone who doesn’t like bland food
Rob B. – I like it better than any other all-seasoning I’ve tried, I guess if I were to describe it I would say it makes the meat pop and its damn good on eggs.

Pam C. – Push aside your salt, pepper and garlic, this seasoning gives your chicken, pork, beef, and veggies a lite fabulous flavor.  I use it on eggs and breakfast burritos as well…

Harold H. -Reviews are not my strong suit but I put that shit on everything.  Really though, tastes so good your tongue will slap your brain.  Ok, I’m not good at this. Lol

Why Choose River Season cajun seasoning

Use as a marinade, rub, or topping for your favorite snack

  • Made in the USA
  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • Sea salt
  • No anti-caking agents
  • Award winning
  • Packed with flavor
  • Just the right amount of spice
  • No table salt
  • Hand-crafted
  • Micro blends
  • 100% organic
  • Gluten Free

Our goal is to bring bold, healthy seasonings to your favorite dish.

  • We only use locally sourced ingredients that are 100% organic. 
  • We don’t use table salt, anti-caking agents, or MSG. 
  • We use sea salt which has 60 different healthy trace minerals like potassium, iron, and zinc.

Eric W. – No need for 8-10 seasonings I keep in my pantry now that I have this, they put the perfect mix together

Jen W. –This seasoning is amazing.  We use the original blend on hamburgers, pork chops & chicken.  The mixture is perfect!  Our kids love it on fried potatoes and eggs.  My husband uses it on everything from the flat top to the grill!!

Jim R. – Great on salads and just about anything in the kitchen.  

Keeping it simple, making it delicious.  Grab your River Season to add massive flavor to your favorite dish today.