Who We Are

How Viands Seasoning went from humble beginnings  to award-winning  seasoning blends that taste great on everything.

The Viands family (hence the name) derives from a long line of Butchers and Chefs with generations of experience, and with over 15 years taken to create the perfect seasoning, we bring you one with much more versatility in the kitchen than anything you can find in a single bottle.


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Why Choose Viands Seasoning

Seasoning Blends That Taste Great On Everything.

Our seasoning is an organic blend of herbs and spices that naturally brings out the flavor of any dish.

How to use our seasoning:

  • Marinades
  • Rubs
  • Seasoning
  • Snack topper

We Don't Use Table Salt

We use 100% sea salt.

Natural salt is lightly processed which allows it to keep it’s true form and trace minerals that are part of a healthier diet.

Why sea salt is healthier than table salt.

  • Has 60 different beneficial trace minerals like potassium, iron, and zinc
  • It is not heavily refined with mineral destroying processes like table salt.

Our Blends Are Hand-Picked and Packed in the USA

We only use quality herbs and spices from local sources that you can trust.

We don’t like the mystey of not knowing how and where our blends are processed.

Our Goal

To bring the best possible seasoning to your table, we work tirelessly with our partners to find the freshest ingredients.


It’s the only seasoning that you can eat on all types of meats and vegetables, that also includes gravy’s and soups… needless to say I love it on everything, and I cook and grill all types of foods.

By: Rob B.

I like it better than any other all-seasoning I’ve tried, I guess if I were to describe it I would say it makes the meat pop and its damn good on eggs. 

By: Greg G.

  • Viands River Seasoning is great for beef, chicken, pork, and if you like a kick give the Cajun seasoning a shot. Both have awesome flavor.  Great people to deal with and they stand behind their product.  Definitely thumbs up for me! 

By: Pam C. 

Push aside your salt, pepper and garlic, this seasoning gives your chicken, pork, beef, and veggies a lite fabulous flavor.  I use it on eggs and breakfast burritos as well…

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed