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Can’t quite get that recipe right? We’re here to take it to the next level.

Our hand-crafted, high-quality blends bring out the natural flavors in your ingredients, without all the harmful effects of using table salt.

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It’s the only seasoning that you can eat on all types of meats and vegetables, that also includes gravy’s and soups… needless to say I love it on everything, and I cook and grill all types of foods.

By: Rob B.

I like it better than any other all-seasoning I’ve tried, I guess if I were to describe it I would say it makes the meat pop and its damn good on eggs. 

By: Greg G.

  • Viands River Seasoning is great for beef, chicken, pork, and if you like a kick give the Cajun seasoning a shot. Both have awesome flavor.  Great people to deal with and they stand behind their product.  Definitely thumbs up for me! 

By: Pam C. 

Push aside your salt, pepper and garlic, this seasoning gives your chicken, pork, beef, and veggies a lite fabulous flavor.  I use it on eggs and breakfast burritos as well…

Why RIVER Season?




Massive Flavor


No Anti-Caking Agents

Made In The USA

Cajun Blend

Give your recipes a delicious kick! Our cajun seasoning is curiously flavorful with just the right amount of heat.

Original Blend

The go-to seasoning that is the perfect additon to any recipe.  New to seasoning your food? This is the best blend to add to any dish.

Garlic Blend

The fresh garlic flavor that is perfect for your next dish.  Our garlic blend is bold, savory, and sure to please.

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